Sometimes a person walks into your life at JUST the perfect time, knowing instinctively when you have made space to be fully available to them, to step up to meet their needs, to come forth to understand them at a deeper level and to pair up in the manner in which God intended.  People are rather facinating in that they can sit in their own corner in life and just observe what is going on in another person's life, even when you don't realize it - and this is the true mystery in life - and the other person patiently waits, intuitively knowing when you are, in that perfect God moment, ready for them "to show up" in your life - maybe for the first time, or maybe once again...  

Ding-a-ling goes your phone, or a knock on the door, or an envelope in the mailbox.  All resistance is gone and all you experience is surrender to the truth of "what God is in your life" and "what God has done for you" and that "God has NEVER left your side" not for one minute, not for one second!  And an amazing flood of gratitude washes over you.

Such was the case at my house last evening.  I was rather astonished, to say the least...

I call this a GOD intervention...

Like in the Psalms of David...God made His people of that time wait, often until the last crunching moment, before the People of Israel could breathe any relief from their relentless despair.

"I am suggesting that, for those of us who have grown up with a more linear sense of our lives, it may also be helpful to situate each breath of our lives within the longer breathing of our lives from God and FOR God.  This is the source of our breath, our spirit, our inspiring."

I breathe in You
You breathe in me
I live in You
You live in me
I come from You
I go to You
You in the beginning
You in the end
From You
With You
For You

From Radical Gratitude by Mary Jo Leddy

It is my New Year's Resolution, in the area of my Blog, to begin again to write the Recipe for my creations. I have become lazy and my time is up for that nonsence, given I just LOVE to find out what you use on YOUR creations!!!  A whole whakee-doodle of labels will again be Stampin' Up, given I have become a demonstrator once again.  Thanks for bearing with my sabbatical regarding this task for the last 6 months.

p.s. I used lots of goopy and messy liquid glitter and pearl drops on this card and finger painted!
Very fun indeed.




  1. Beautiful, Samara! I love all of the fabulous details and the love that you put into each card! And welcome back to Stampin' Up! Will I see you at Convention this year???

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  3. All that goopy and messy stuff makes it worthwhile. LOL That's the fun part. Lovely creation Samara. Beautiful colors and papers. Very pretty. Thanks so much for joining us this week at Papercraft Star!

  4. So different, and just fun fun fun !
    Thanks for joining us this holiday week at Papercraft Star !

  5. This is a lovely card but the rules at Karen's Doodles say you must use one of our images to enter the challenge.

  6. Lovely design. Love those butterflies. Thanks so much for joining us this week at Papercraft Star!

  7. Beautiful card, the gems really set it off perfectly ! Thanks for joining us at ABC Challenge. Sue C x

  8. Fab Creation!
    Thanks for joining in by EAC.



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