When we realize how much we have been given - life, a beginning -we are moved, almost naturally it seems to want to give away some of our things.  Grateful people tend to give away their things, even their time and talents, and to become happier in the process.  In giving away, the craving that holds us captive begins to loosen its grip.  There is such a difference when living simply or serving others is done out of a spirit of gratitude rather than guilt.  A given life is different from a driven life.  Gratitude seems to replenish itself:  as more is given, more is received.  Guilt, in contrast, rather quickly exhausts itself in judgments.

From: Radical Gratitude by Mary Jo Leddy

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  1. Oh Wow, I love this. The colors are gorgeous!!

  2. Wow, Samara! This is so beautiful! I love the mix of colors!

  3. Beautiful..such gorgeous colors.

  4. Thank you for the beautiful card and blog entry on gratitude. It really spoke to my heart. I was eviscerated recently for being too kind and giving too much to a person. I love to give and never in my life thought I'd be told not to give of myself any more. The person lives in a state of lack and I, in the opposite, a state of plentiful, posed a threat to this person. I recognize this. Also the fact that some people may never discover the truth about life and love and living a life of gratitude. Shame, so sad for them.

  5. I love this, how are you doing the backgrounds on these? I love it!!


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