WELL, IT SEEMS I HAVE COME OFF VACATION...though I have spent every day at the beach, literally, for the last week, and plan to again today!

But I could not resist giving you this card, once again, because it speaks so clearly about what I feel today.  I also want to offer up something I read last night that is shockingly spot on as to why I "do my blog the way I do" and "do my art the way I do."  I have been asked several times if I sell my art.  My answer - NO.  Once I create the card, put it up on my blog, it goes in a bin.  I am done with it, it's purpose is served.  God ran through me and that was what it was for....given my birthday is August 14th, I have been reading SUN SIGNS & SOUL MATES by Linda George and came across "the transformed Leo."  I'd like to believe this "might" be what I have spent the last 5 years diligently working toward being accountable for...the dark sides of my sign.  There are ugly shadows that rear their heads that I, in my humanity and vulnerability and brokeness will see always, that God will help me address, but regardless of that personal sidebar, this passage SPOKE DIRECTLY TO MY ART...

Your higher destiny is to use your creativity and joyful self-expression as a channel for the divine.  You are gifted with a capacity to manifest in the three-dimensional world, but you need to become aware of the higher imperative of your talents: that is, they must be used to lighten the path for others.  The ego is the dragon you must slay, as it is even more powerful in you than the other signs...You come from the heart, but your learning centers around knowing your heart beats not just within you but within the Mind of God.  Your creative expressions need to be examples of the light within you and shared "freely".  Every talent we possess has been lent to us; IT IS NOT OURS, but ours to use in sharing it with others...and then it goes on and on.

I was floored!  This is just how I feel.  I see God, I feel God, I acknowledge God and sometimes I open the Bible and read a passage and then create my card.  It is MY way of perhaps saying HELLO to God, I LOVE YOU GOD, I NEED YOU GOD. 

And then my card is complete and done.  It isn't for the selling.

I am debating going to a craft sale and putting up a sign, taking my cards, and the sign will say DONATIONS ONLY PLEASE!  I never want to do anything this I truly believe!  I hope I have not overwhelmed you or bored you with my personal journey of last night and today, nor my reshowing of this card, which God directed me to reclaim as "HIS!"


Samara and GOD


  1. I enjoyed reading your post and looking at your beautiful card! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am glad you had a great time at the beach Samara..:) This card is fabulous with the colors and details.
    I know where you are coming from, my blog is an extension of who I am, what ever little creative talent I have is for the glory of God, I give my cards away for encouragement. Many people are taken back when you give a thing a beauty to them and even more that you thought of them to do something special as give a card.
    Have a Blessed week :)

  3. I'm loving the card, Samara.

    Great job to both of you.

  4. I'm loving the card, Samara.

    Great job to both of you.

    (not sure why it went up as anonymous first ...)


My wish for you is a great day full of laughter! Samara x