Sunday, May 2, 2010 - A METAPHOR IN A BOX....

By:  How to be HAPPY dammit, a cynics's guide to spiritual happiness by salmansohn

You are like a tiny fish surrounded by a field of water
but unable to see this water.  What's going on in this
field around you sends out waves that affect you.

Likewise, what you do  -  and think  -  sends out
waves into this field around you.  This includes your
negative thoughts  -  which can create distracting
tidal waves that block you from seeing how to best
get to your goal.

RULE # 26
You must show more RESPECT for the invisible world, because often what you don't see is what you get!

Does this resonate with you at all?  I sure know it does with me, especially in the recent weeks!
What I would add to the above passage from the book, it is vital to FORGIVE the person, place or thing from which this negativity emminates.  This does NOT mean spending time with or in the presence of the negativity...but it does mean to forgive the circumstance, and yourself, if you find forgiving yourself is part of carrying on productively and healthfully. 

Fortunately some of us were "born forgivers."  For others, it is a very difficult, defensive, and crazy-making challenge.  What is important though, no matter what your particular strength or weakness is, is the INTENTION to forgive. 

God doesn't care which comes first, the thought to forgive or the action of forgiveness....God knows we are on the right track to all that is important in this world, which is LOVE FOR ALL...AND THE ADMISSION TO SELF THAT ALL ARE ONE IN GOD'S EYES.  This is OUR challenge to strive for this same belief AND experience of LOVE daily!

lovingly made with...

Paper:  Stampin' Up!
Ink:  Stampin' Up!
Trinkets/Charms:  A gift from my daughter when she was 12
Punch:  Fiskars
Stamps: Clear Stamps - Gypsy Pattern
Tags:  K & Co.
Ribbon: Purple and Cranberry from Michael's, Green from Stampin' Up!



  1. Very cool, those tags are really a neat idea.

  2. Very creative card and such a thought provoking post. Well done on both accounts.

  3. Unique and creative, Samara! Wonderful blend of color!


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