Who doesn't love an adorable kitty?
My Louis is just dreamy...
a playmate
a sleeping mate
a "brush me always" mate!

I'm not sure what I would do without my Louis...
my Dog who was born into the body of a Cat.

Yes, I have a Trans. Meow.
You think I am kidding?
Truly, I am not.

This cadog thinks, acts, feels JUST like a woof!

I questioned it at first - was it just that I was a "dog-god" person?

But nay.

Best friends, cat loathers and those who would scoop up every kitty they saw, if they could, say:

"WOW!  Louis is exactly like a Dog!"
awwww my poor little Louis born into the wrong body.
So serious I am!

So, having bragged talked about my cadog, it is a pleasure to enter Ike's blog
you heard it right!

I spent eons in love with coloring this image.
I am not such an animal colorer, just in terms of the shading that is required.
But somehow, my inner Lion (Leo here) was purring and I had the best time going with this colorama.

So enjoy!

Pop over to Ike's kitty blog...enter YOUR kitty or snag one of Ike's freebies or hop over to Ike's Store.

They are dreamy and in love you will fall!

So, with huge love in my heart for my we go.

It's a Samara Thing!


  1. Love the words fabulous cover brilliant colouring if the kittens Ginny x
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  2. Such awesome colouring on these adorable kitties :-) I have a couple of cat/dogs too.... I'm sure they don't know what bodies they are supposed to be in LoL
    Thank you very much for coming to play at SUYP Cats Challenges and thank you for the 'shout' :-D
    IKE xxx

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  3. Lovely colours and such a sweet kitty image. Yoy know that wool looks almost touchable the way you coloured it there !! Fabulous xxxx


My wish for you is a great day full of laughter! Samara x