CONGRATS to Donna M from POPSICLE TOES on the last IKE'S WORLD CHALLENGE! That little ratty meow Ike drew up for us is soooo gorgeous - I love what you did with the sketch.  
Good ol' MR. ED!
Who remembers this Talking Horse?

IKE created fabulous images of horses because one of our DT's,  craftyanimal.blogspot.ca/  is a completely wonderful horsie person and has actually, with a team, brought a horse "back to life!'  So, when I saw the images IKE so kindly made for her, and saw this image, Mr. Ed jumped into my mind from some EEK 50 years later!
I hope you enjoy what I created from IKE'S art, found {HERE}

Isn't he adorable?

I couldn't stop at one image!  Are you kidding?
IKE created GENE and FRED for me...Is this not incredible?
Do you remember this?  What were you doing at this time in your life?
Me?  I was laying on the livingroom floor, watching every backdrop in Hollywood, every swimming pool Esther dove into, every lamp post Gene danced around (I asked IKE to add FRED cuz they were such great buds - I know - sacreligious!) and I figured THIS is what the outside WORLD "really" looked like beyond MY 4 walls!

Now this is what I call controlled confidence!

See you over there
But in the meantime...
I hope you find time to sing in the rain!

It's a SAMARA thing!

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  1. Super stunning creations Samara and I loved the Mr Ed video. We didn't get him in the UK when I was growing up !
    Fantastic makes and I am glad you liked Gene and Fred :-D

    IKE xxx


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