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I think there is a song that I can't get out of my head with this title...help me here, would you?  The Cadence is "da da da da da da da"!  That is helpful eh....

Today I have gone Mixed Media crazzzzzy and used 3 of Ike's fantasticuliciously outrageous images. I've used Moon Struck, Hands in Time and Full Moon and created a 2 page layout using Brushos, Gelatos, Peerless Watercolors and my new Liquitex knock off (Artist Loft green gold, phthalo blue, yellow ochre, dioxazine purple, quinacridone magenta, cadmium orange hue and titun buff paints.  I was in Michael's and had the liquitex and the artist loft green gold shmeared over my hand and could not see the difference one bit, so opted for 4.99 instead of 16.99.  I think I made the right choice!!!

Using these images for our IKE'S WORLD CHALLENGE was particularly fun as I had an idea in mind and the mediums gave themselves to the theme.  Dripping the water paints, carelessly throwing the brusho powder (I don't have the patience for the sprinkle puff thing) and scribbling the Gelatos was perfect!  Just dark enough, just pretty enough and just artsy enough to give a background to bring out the masterous thought I get when I work with Ike's art, which of course you can also get at IKE'S STORE.

I hope you take a gander at the CIRCLE'S over at our challenge and either use IKE'S freebie or something you already have (doesn't have to be IKE'S ART.)  Prezzies always involved!

So for the next few days, don't forget - Romance Your Canvas!  There nothing like seeing your LOVE in action, right in front of you and making it a keeper in your Journal.

Oh, P.S. Take a big breath...there are lots of photos here.  I couldn't resist getting every angle of IKE'S Images, plus the wonders of what different mediums can do, PLUS, the left overs on a different page (rather than just wiping them on a cloth.)

Simply Yours,

I am very curious
What does this layout say to you?
What does it evoke?

These are IKE'S STORE images - Hands of Time, Moonstruck and Full Moon.  I put them all together in an editing program (the 3 separate images) to form one.  I have layed them out separately below.

This image, and many others I researched were very interesting.  The vast majority about the moon, darkness etc. were from the D'alai Lama, Kahlil Gabran, Tic na Han, etc.  The significance of the moon, our own darkness etc. was so well versed by the Masters of Time.  Yet in our own age Embracing Our Darkness is still something that appears to be very much avoided - something that is not talked about - something that is shameful.  Will we ever be able to "Out" our darkness, our sin, as equally and normally as we do our delight and not be "abnormal" or "aberrant?  I often wonder.

My thought here was time - how relevant time has become to EVERYTHING we do - and how desperately I am working to get away from time dictating my own life. CAUTION for me is - CAUTION that time doesn't destroy the essence of one's life...

omgosh.  what does IKE'S gorgeous bodied womyn tell us/say to you?  BEWARE is what screams at me.  I so wish Ike was around when I was 20 and gave me all these lessons THEN!

The "bones" are so amazing!  The detail IKE put here is (and I am very serious) SO similar to what I saw on an xray I had the other day!  OK, My piano fingers are not quite this long (lol) but the shape she was able to put down on paper is quite amazing to me!  And I can just picture the flesh around them fixing this clock to midnight, which has many connotations - from fairy tales to devilish tales.

I love this sun.  the face is so full of attitude and intention.  It is so clear what it is saying, for me. The scowl reminds me of my childhood and my mom saying "take that look off your face right now young lady" lol

This is a different area from the above.  These 4 below are the chunks of the Canvas that I felt (for me) were magical.  They just happened.  I was delighted at what occurred with little effort.  They are very much my taste in abstract colors and how they might come together.  The first 2 I very much like the colors and texture and what peeks through, the next two, I do not like the colors but was totally surprised how the scraping and rubbing presented what it did present.  I was not aware such a technique was possible and would end up with this result, once it was dried with heat.  The colors of the medium changed and the colors of the ink changed.

I was thrilled at the result of continually wiping my brushes, clothes, baby wipes, sponges on another journal page - then going (after finishing my design above) and working on this page a bit.  It really showed me how some of the abstract artists accomplished what they were able to, and how many of "The Creatives" are able to be so unique - by really letting go - and just allowing their process "happen" - not controlling it - just allowing their particular craft take form.



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  2. How cool. So many details to look at.

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  3. This is great Samara (I've got another DT hat on today!) I just loved checking out the close-up pics - brilliant creation! Thank you so much for entering the Through the Purple Haze (Make a Scene) Challenge this time. Lots of luck and I hope we see you again. Hugs to you Sue Pxxx DT.

  4. Your art journal is awesome, such a pretty page!
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  5. you really put a lot of hard work into this project! so much to see...

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