1. I saw The City Of Angels Movie Today.  I Love That!

2. Oh it would be wonderful to sleep in "everyday"...just a hint, please!

3. Once I carried the Olympic Torch to the Calgary Olympics.

4. Life seemed to be so busy in times past.

5. The road led me straight to the Mitsubishi Dealership this week.  Oops!

6. My favorite time to pray and reflect is when I wake up, in the morning light.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm was so happy to change my blog to new fresh colors, tomorrow my plans include driving my new car (in circles lol) and Sunday, I want to just celebrate life!

Happy Motoring!
and drive on over to Ya'all!
Scribble 'till you Dribble


  1. Fantastic new car, how exciting!! Have a wonderful holiday and I'll send you an email with all that's going on around here.

  2. Happy new car weekend!! How exciting! I got to see the Olympic torch when it came through Richmond on its way to Atlanta in 1996. It was pretty cool!!
    Hope you and your new car have a great bonding weekend!!

  3. Hi Samara
    Great blog makeover but for some reason I seem to miss your blog header, I just do not seem to do well with changes. Sleeping in everyday is overrated (trust me I know) (LOL).
    WOW to carrying the Olympic torch to Calgary Olympics…what an honour and a memory to have. Love your new set of wheels, it is certainly going to keep you busy for a few days and I hope driving in circles did not make you go mad (LOL). Happy Motoring to you too!
    Michaela xx


My wish for you is a great day full of laughter! Samara x