Before I start, I want to thank all of you for your lovely comments last week.  I felt genuinely supported and completely in the care of all of you.  I could not say enough words to let you know how special your words were in your comments on my blog, when I know - as a DT - we only need to say the absolute bare minimum (though I'm a chatter-box myself!)  You all went out of your way to show me how lovely, kind and compassionate you are, and I say from the bottom of my heart, I love each and every one of you for that.  Your comments carried me through the week on angel's wings!

Now, speaking of wings!!!!

This week at SENTIMENTAL SUNDAYS, the Challenge is:

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You will NOT be sorry!

I particularly love this card because it describes me to a "T", for better or for worse! Wow, that sounded narcissistic eh! LOL Maybe I shouldn't have given you that heads up about me. Yup - a true introvert, an off the edge introvert!


Oh, btw, b is for bird! haha

Don't you love this backdrop?  My friend Karen Wallace, from Karen's Kreations (man, you have to check out her blog and her Stampscapes - she is an expert!!!) sent me this.  She is the Queen of punches and has always been so generous to share them with me - mailing them from another country to me!!!  Thanks Karen.

And I don't speak french, though my youngest is fluent so I don't have a clue what I've said in the vintage dictionary page I have chosen to use!  Oy yoy yoy. l'Ecole - it can't be that bad.  I took 12 years of French - that much I can figure out!

And Belfast, well I know some of our DT's live near Belfast, so I think I'm OK there too! LOL
I'm a write-off this week!


Challenges to be determined



  1. Hi Samara

    No need for your thanks, it was pleasure leaving a comment last time. I hope it warmed your heart. A kind word doesn’t cost anything.
    Oh narcissistic Samara, that made me laugh. Wonder if narcissistic tendencies get worse as one gets older and if looking in the mirror in their case gets harder.
    Introvert? You could have fooled me. (LOL)
    Your card is gorgeous. Love the backdrop and the punch work. Great bird too. But I wish she could fly for everybody to see because she is worth it!
    Michaela xx

  2. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. Your card is very beautiful.
    Why I don't participate in awards is because it takes me so much time and I don't want to much private information on the internet, because most off the time you must answer personal questions with the award. And the time that it takes to add the award on my blog, That time I spent rather to leaves comments with my followers.
    hugs Linda

    ps My english is not so good, so sorry is the words are not good.

  3. Beautiful card Samara- First thing that stands out are your colors...You stayed very minimal with this one. Love the stamping on book paper with the added touch of glitter. Stunning card.



My wish for you is a great day full of laughter! Samara x