Monday, March, 22, 2010 - I HAVE LOST MY BUDDY ....


Do you ever get like just want to keep your kids home FOREVER?  I sure do.  My young Taylor is 12, as you all surely know by now.  He went to snowboarding camp on Day 1 of the Holiday, that was to last the entire holiday.  Well, in the middle of the first night, "cough, cough, cough," you know, that croupy type of cough.  He went from perfectly alright to DOWN DOWN DOWN.  He woke up and said "mommy, my throat is so sore I can't even swallow - I am so sorry - but I can't go to the camp today.  I said "STREP."

Off to the Docs - swab - Penicillan - and Yuppers - STREP!

Well, there is an upside to strep, if there can be!!!  This little fellow spent 7 days shoulder to shoulder with me, as I was in my studio, playing his DS (one of those small video thing a ma bob's that I completely do not understand.)  He was so "mommyish" it was precious!  He did NOT want to leave my side.  My 12 year old teenager (oh yes, he is there though his years aren't) suddenly became 3.  Wahoo for Mommy!  It was the most delicious time I could have hoped for, and my baby felt better by day 3.  I kept giving him my Jewish Chicken soup (ha! sounds good, I gave him Lipton's) and still, "mommy!"  We watched Inglorious Basterds,  Benjamin Buttons, The Ugly Truth, Dan in Real Life, and talked about each one in depth.  Taylor helped me to understand some things about GOD and destiny that I had never thought about.  He helped me to understand some things about the ION HORA and YETZ A HORA (Jewish for God and Devil - loose translation) that I hadn't contemplated.  He just kept going on and on.  I think the strep put him deep into his prophetic self, which he usually has no problem hitting anyway.  So on that note, I think that is my meditation for today...MY PROPHETIC SON TAYLOR.

P.S.  Did Valentine's Day really come and go?  Did Christmas Really come and Go?  Why is it feeling like time is speeding up and the Holidays are here and gone in a blink!  Does anyone else feel like this?  I can hardly open up my Easter stamps....because I think the same thing will happen!

This card is dedicated to my Taylor...


Paper:  Kraft, Black (Stampin' Up!)
Ribbon:  (Stampin' Up!)
Stamp:  (Papertrey)
Fleur:  Starbucks Coffee Shop Gift Card  (I always ask for these at Starbucks, Walmart and anywhere where I think they will be funky for my cards - and they always say SURE!)


I hope today you find something PROPHETIC in your day!


  1. Beautiful card and I'm so glad Taylor is better!! I remember those days when the kids were sick, very scary!

  2. Such a sweet story, Samara! Love the card!


My wish for you is a great day full of laughter! Samara x